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diana-stroebe1My name is Diana and I have three children who suffered for YEARS from itching, flaking, cracking, bleeding, crusting, uncomfortable, tormenting eczema (Atopic Dermatitis). Every doctor, pediatrician, dermatologist, and allergist (there were MANY!) prescribed steroid creams and antibiotics that not only did NOT help my children’s skin but, caused it to GET WORSE! Due to steroid’s negative side effects they broke out in WELTS, their skin was much worse than before they had used it and, the itching never went away. They couldn’t sleep at night due to the itching, nor play or function regularly during the day. Our whole family was affected.

skin-condition-1At 18 months of age my first child, after prolonged prescription steroid use as an infant for cradle cap and baby acne, would scratch the tops of his feet and hands until they bled right through the scabs, usually by using his teeth! Every morning I would sweep out the dead skin cells from his crib that he’d scratched off the night before. At night I would hear him grunting as he scratched himself to sleep, it was heartbreaking. Playing outside made it worse when he would get sweaty from running around. He could not swim in a pool because he would break out in welts, an after effect of the steroid use.  Going out in public was stressful, people concerned or curious about our situation continually offered advice, opinions and comments. I just wanted it to stop. The pediatrician concluded that my son had atopic dermatitis and prescribed, of all things, steroid cream again. It was at this point that I became determined to find relief for my son with a non-steroidal, natural solution.

skin-condition-2During this time, my youngest daughter starting at 3 months old also began scratching non-stop. Her skin looked as though she had a sunburn, it flaked, peeled and split everywhere. The only parts of her body that were normal were her palms, soles of her feet and bottom.  As time progressed it was devastating to see her condition worsten and her spending most of her time focused on scratching or, rubbing her face on the carpet, when other children were laughing and playing and again, the only remedy offered was steroid which did not take away the itch. We would spend days on end without sleep. We did not go out often but, when we did people would walk up to us and ask what was wrong which became unbearable. At 11 months old, her pediatrician had her admitted to the hospital, steroid cream applied from head to toe (yes, all over her scalp, she’d lost most of her hair) and, wrapped her in plastic wrap for 10 days. The itching did not go away but, the welts now showed up in her skin as they had with my son and she had outbreaks in her skin from the steroid use. Soon to follow, my middle child broke out with eczema on both arms inside her elbows, the back of her legs and her face.

skin-condition-3Desperate to help my children get relief for their skin, I continued to research and develop Soteria (yes, all while parenting 3 little ones lol!) to find relief for the non-stop itching, dryness and effects of the eczema and things finally began to improve for us. As each ingredient now in Soteria Skin Relief Soothing Repair Cream was found to be effective at bringing relief of the various symptoms my children had been experiencing, my goal of developing an natural and safe product that really worked was finally being reached!  As I addressed the internal issues in my children I was able to find relief externally for their skin while on the road to recovery. Equipped with Soteria Skin Relief Soothing Repair Cream, I’d apply for my youngest child from head to toe immediately after a warm, soothing essential oil bath soak to maximize and maintain moisture while the ingredients continued to aid her skin with its healing and restorative properties.  I applied for my son to the backs of his knees and inside his elbows while my other daughter I applied to her arms and face to get the relief for itching and to calm, heal and protect their skin. Now, I am so happy to be able to offer Soteria Skin Relief Soothing Repair Cream to others who are themselves searching for relief for their skin, just as my family and I were. Whether your battle is with itching, flaking, burning, cracking, inflamed, peeling and crusting skin or just dry, irritated, bothersome skin, Soteria delivers intense, long lasting moisture, relief, protection and healing for your skin. With Soteria, our family now slept through the night; my children focused on school and play without being continually distracted by itching. My youngest found enjoyment, playing and laughter again rather than sitting along scratching by herself.

diana-stroebe-and-familyToday my children are past the days of extreme eczema and we now all use Soteria Skin Relief Soothing Repair Cream for daily moisturizing, sun protection, any skin flare ups, as an anti-microbial for cuts or scrapes, in place of hand sanitizer and for lip protection. Wherever you are with your skin, Soteria is there to make you feel great in it. Experience the difference Soteria can make. Buy now online!

pointing-arrowRead more about our story in our interview featured in the December 2016 edition of Neighborhood SEEN at www.neighborhoodseen.com.



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