From Mother to Inventor – The Start to Putting an End to Eczema

By Diana Stroebe on December 3, 2016 in Our Story

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am so excited to finally share our story and help as many of you reading this as possible. I am the mother of 3 children and the inventor of Soteria Skin Relief Soothing Repair Cream. How does one become an inventor you may wonder and where does a busy mom find the time? Well, I guess I can say that I have always enjoyed investigating a mystery, love to figure things out or, better yet am driven and can’t stand not being able to figure something out and I really step up to the task when it’s presented, am pretty strategic and organized and, find it extremely rewarding in the end to finally unlock the door to something novel and impacting, especially when it helps people in need. Combine that with the development of severe skin disorders that impacted my children at very early ages, the symptoms of which affected the whole family and put life changing, critical restraints on us all and, well…. that was the motivation for me to begin my latest pursuit.

When I became a first-time mom I’d never even heard of Eczema nor Atopic Dermatitis let alone experienced it. Soon after my son was born though, he began having symptoms of dry, itchy skin. His pediatrician had prescribed him steroid cream for his cradle cap and baby acne soon after he was born. I was unaware of the effects until after months of use when he was ultimately diagnosed with Eczema and prescribed a series of different steroid creams and Elidel. This began a downward spiral of more symptoms, worsening skin condition and unhappy baby and mom. Hence, my journey of discovery began, with my goal of helping my son to recover.

Your story may be similar or very different but, if you are reading this blog the thing we have in common is we were or are looking for relief for ourselves or someone else. Back when all this began I often felt we were alone and there were no answers out there for us. Now I know differently, many people suffer from skin disorders or even just severely dry, bothersome skin and, there is relief in sight.

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