During this Christmas Season of Hope … Read the Story of a Woman Who Found Relief for Her Skin with Soteria Skin Relief Soothing Repair Cream!

By Diana Stroebe on December 27, 2016 in Our Story

I recently received an email from a woman in Michigan named Carol to tell of her skin transformation after having used Soteria Skin Relief Soothing Repair Cream for less than one week! Read her story, in her own words, and know that there is hope, relief and healing available to you too. Merry Christmas everyone!

CAROL: I have been suffering with skin problems on my hands for many years.  My hands typically are fine in the spring, and summer.  In the fall and winter when the weather gets colder my fingers crack, swell, and bleed. They feel very rough almost like sand paper.   By the time evening comes I want to scratch out my eyes because my hands hurt so badly.  I have been to the skin doctor for numerous years and every lotion I have ever  tried never has worked for me.  I even tried the light box treatment for two summers to no avail.  I always wear gloves outside, wear gloves at night and put gloves on to wash the dishes or cook.

When I read Diana Stroebe’s article in Seen Magazine I had a good feeling about it.  I spoke to her and she told me to attack the issue from the inside as well as the outside.  I started using Soteria Skin Relief Soothing Repair Cream and drinking aloe vera one week ago.  My hands now look normal.  They are not cracked, rough or bleeding.  My cuts are gone.  I am sleeping better since using the aloe vera.  I still cannot believe that after all these years of suffering my life has changed drastically in just one week.  I am so grateful to Diana for sharing her story and making the Soteria cream available to me and others.  Both the Soteria cream and aloe vera have changed my life for the better.

I would recommend getting the small jar and trying it to see if it works for you.  After trying it and seeing that it worked for me I ordered the largest size of Soteria cream.


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